Arrowhead Addict Now Available On The Kindle


The Kansas City Chiefs may not be playing football for a few months but here at Arrowhead Addict we don’t have an offseason.

If you are anything like us, then you need to get your Chiefs fix all year round. That is why I wanted to give you all a heads up on a new way to get Arrowhead Addict.

AA is now available on the Kindle through You can subscribe to AA and have it downloaded directly to your Kindle whenever you have an internet connection. You can then take AA with you wherever you go. The cost is currently $1.99 per month.

Obviously you will always be able to get AA for free on your computer or smart phone but Amazon forces us to charge for the Kindle download. It is more of a convenience thing of being able to take the content with you and access it even if you are without an internet connection. We are working with Amazon to try to get the price down to .99 per month and we will update you if we are able to make that happen.

If you want to get AA on your kindle, head on over to Amazon now and subscribe. Get your fix!