Dwayne Bowe Interview At The Pro Bowl


Earlier we told you that hearing Jamaal Charles wired up at the Pro Bowl was interesting because we don’t usually hear from the Chiefs RB due to his shy nature but the link below of Dwayne Bowe giving a five minute interview is unique for a totally different reason.

We don’t usually hear from Bowe because Bowe isn’t usually allowed to speak.

Todd Haley has taken a lot of criticism since taking over as head coach of the Chiefs (one of our staff writers even thinks the Chiefs should hire Jeff Fisher) but from listening to Bowe, it sounds like Haley has really helped him improve.

Bowe covers some interesting topics including what kind of grip he thinks Haley has on the locker room, the departure of Charlie Weis and the amount of time he and Matt Cassel were forced to put in practicing last season.

It is a really interesting interview and I highly recommend watching it ahead of tonight’s game. Enjoy!

Dwayne Bowe Interview