The Kansas City Chiefs spoke with three new players at the Senior Bowl..."/>

The Kansas City Chiefs spoke with three new players at the Senior Bowl..."/>

Chiefs Speak With Three New Players At The Senior Bowl


The Kansas City Chiefs spoke with three new players at the Senior Bowl this week according to Draft Countdown.

The Kansas City Chiefs are likely to talk with as many players as possible at this week’s Senior Bowl so while a conversation with a player doesn’t necessarily mean the team will draft him, we are still going to bring you as much information as possible so that you are prepared for this April’s draft.

RB Noel Devine

Devine is a very small running back out of West Virginia. He is even smaller than Dexter McCluster, coming in at just 5-7 and 160 pounds. He rushed for over 1400 yards in 2009, however his decision to come back for his senior year ended up hurting him. Devine was being projected as a 2nd round pick, however a toe injury in 2010 slowed him down a bit and he is now being projected as a 4th or 5th round pick.

As we saw with McCluster last year, these small, quick RB’s really rely on their quickness and cutting ability and when injured they are much less effective. A big back like Mike Tolbert of the Chargers might be able to bounce back from injury and be effective much faster than guys like McCluster and Devine.

I doubt the Chiefs will touch Devine in the draft with McCluster already on the roster. The only reason I could see them wanting a guy like this is specifically as a kick/punt returner but the Chiefs already have Arenas and McCluster handling those duties.

WR Jock Sanders

Yes, his name is Jock and he plays football.

A teammate of Devine’s at West Virginia, Sanders also lacks size. He comes in at 5-7 and 180 pounds. According to NFL Draft Scout he runs anywhere between 4.43-4.53 in the 40. While he has the speed, Sanders’ size will likely scare off scouts. He had 72 catches for over 700 yards last season playing for the Mountaineers.

The Chiefs certainly need help at WR but they also need some size. Sanders is projected as a 7th round pick but the Chiefs had better have their receiver problem on its way to being solved long before then. I doubt we will see this guy wearing red in 2011.

Eric Hagg

Hagg is a FS out of Nebraska. The Cornhuskers sported a pretty good defense this season and Hagg was a big part of that. He had 40 tackles, 7 for a loss, 2 sacks and 4 pass breakups. He playe din all 14 games last season for Nebraska, starting 10 of them.

He is projected as the 11th best FS in the draft and will probably go somewhere in the 7th round.

It was clear this year that the Chiefs lacked depth at the S and CB positions so I wouldn’t be surprised if they try to add some quality backups at those positions in the later rounds of the draft.