NFL Playoffs: Championship Sunday Prediction Thread


Had all gone as planned, the Kansas City Chiefs would be hosting the NY Jets today instead of the Pittsburgh Steelers but alas, it appears as though our beloved team is still a year or two away from making a Super Bowl run.

Still, we’ve got some very good football on the way and the staff here at Arrowhead Addict has got their picks in. First let’s take a look at the standings. Some of the staff has fallen away for failure to get their picks in so their names are omitted. Randy had a record of 4-2 but forgot to pick two of last week’s games so he was awarded losses for both of those. Lyle missed to picks last week and was also given losses. Big Matt and Adam T. now lead the field with the only +.500 records.

Big Matt: 5-3

Adam T: 5-3

Merlin: 4-4

Randy: 4-4

Patrick: 3-5

Victor: 3-5

Double D: 3-5

Lyle: 3-5

Nick: 2-6


Packers 27, Bears 17

Defense has been ruling in the playoffs thus far and with Chicago playing at home, I want to give the Bears the edge here. However, the fact that the Bears had a week off and then got to play a soft Seattle team is going to hurt them. The Packers on the other hand are battle tested and have gone through Philadelphia and Atlanta on their way to the NFC Championship game and they have done so convincingly. It’s got to be the Pack.

Steelers 16, Jets 9

Talk about a brawl. These two teams are pretty well matched on defense but Pittsburgh clearly has the better QB. The Steelers won’t make the stupid mistakes the Patriots did last week and New York’s run will end here. I’m rooting for the Jets because I don’t cheer for rapists, but the Steelers are going to take this one.

More picks after the jump.


Packers 23, Bears 20

The Bears do a good job of slowing down the red hot Aaron Rodgers, but in the end Rodgers is a little better then Cutler and the Packers advance.

Steelers 20, Jets 17

I’m REALLY hoping that the Steelers can pull this off. I think Big Ben should be able to out duel Mark Sanchez. I don’t know if I can handle two weeks of Super Bowl hype with Rex Ryan. Come on Steelers!


Chicago 20, Green Bay 17 (OT)

These two teams, with their history, make this a historical game. However, I think this game will make history on its own merit as we will see the new overtime rules used for the first time.

Pittsburgh 17, New York 14

The last time these teams met New York got a special teams touchdown which ended up being the difference maker. That doesn’t happen this time.


Green Bay 35, Chicago 14

The Pack is rolling.

Pittsburgh 21, New York 13

The Jets won their Super Bowl last week.


Packers 28, Bears 20

Rodgers rolls. Cutler chokes. It won’t be a blowout, but the game will never feel as close as the final score.

Jets 27, Steelers 14

Broadway Mark quietly outplays Big Ben, who throws at least one incredibly inopportune pick, and we’re all set for the first-ever Super Bowl match-up between two Six Seeds. At least, I assume it’s the first. Someone should Google that…


Bears 24 Packers 17

Cutler doesn’t make a mistake and the Packers lack of an aggressive run attack costs them.

Steelers 31, Jets 21

The Jets are a second rate version of the Steelers and this game will show that.

Big Matt:

Bears 17 Packers 10

I don’t care about these games. At all. I want the season to be over so we can all start talking about free agency and the draft. How dare these teams keep playing?

Jets 35, Steelers 17

Big Ben is big boring, and its time for some new blood at the top. Some new, non-rapist blood. Get those lameass Steelers out of here.


Green Bay 21, Chicago 20

A hard fought win , a missed extra point does the Bears in.

Steelers 28, Jets 21

The Jets collapse in the second half, which leads to an old school matchup in the Superbowl.

Reader Standings:

gjrchief: 3-5

KCChiefsaddict: 2-6

Moxy: 1-3*

bigpidge: 1-3 *

lbchieffan562: 2-2* *

wrave: 1-3 * *

matt: 2-1 * * *


(no picks last week)

* * (no pick WC weekend)

* * *