The annual NFL Pro Bowl is usually widely panned as being boring and p..."/>

The annual NFL Pro Bowl is usually widely panned as being boring and p..."/>

2011 Pro Bowl Holds Added Intrigue For Chiefs Fans


The annual NFL Pro Bowl is usually widely panned as being boring and pointless but this year it will hold more intrigue than usual for fans of the Kansas City Chiefs.

Yes, the Pro Bowl is crap. The football is bad, the players aren’t all totally playing at full speed and no one is really allowed to get too close to the QB.

The problem is that the players are expected to play an actual football game. The Pro Bowler’s don’t really make enough money to put themselves at risk in an offseason exhibition game and it shows on the field.

What the NFL should do is have it’s All-Stars participate in some sort of competition where the risk of injury is lowered. I would actually be really interested to see a helmets off, casual flag football game.

Despite the problems with the game, this year’s entry should be a lot more interesting for fans of the Kansas City Chiefs. With last night’s news  that Matt Cassel will replace Tom Brady in Hawaii, the Chiefs now have 4 players participating in the game, all on offense.

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Here is a quick breakdown:

RB Jamaal Charles

OL Brian Waters

WR Dwayne Bowe

QB Matt Cassel

Not too shabby, eh? There may also be more Chiefs added before all is said and done. The Chiefs have no defensive players on the Pro Bowl roster, however Tamba Hali and Derrick Johnson are rumored to be possible alternates. Once the Super Bowl participants are decided this weekend, there will be some Pro Bowlers from those teams who will be yanked from the roster as they will be preparing for bigger and better things. That means some alternates will slide in at the last minute.

I am really looking forward to the Pro Bowl this year for the first time in a long time. It will be especially interesting because the Chiefs have skill position players in Cassel, Bowe and Charles competing. I’d love to see Cassel throw a long bomb or Charles break a big run. It would a long way to introducing some of KC’s young starts to the world.

What do you think Addicts? Will you be watching the Pro Bowl to cheer on your Chiefs?