Former Chiefs QB Coach Dick Curl Retires


Former Kansas City Chiefs QB coach Dick Curl is finally retiring.

Curl, 104 years young, has been serving as the QB coach for the St. Louis Rams this season since 2009 but before that, Curl worked under Herm Edwards for the Kansas City Chiefs.

In case you don’t remember him, Curl is the man who brought you Brodie Croyle, Tyler Thigpen and for a limited time, Damon Huard. Curl was the guy who lobbied Herm Edwards and Carl Peterson to stand pat with the three superstar QB’s mentioned above during the 2008 draft. Thanks for that Dick…

Besides being the worst thing to ever happen to Kansas City Chiefs QB’s, Curl also holds the team record for the best porn star name, much to Mike Cox’s chagrin.

Though I think Curl’s retirement is probably a good thing for young QB’s everywhere, I will miss the non-stop entertainment he provided on the sidelines during games. My buddies and I always used to watch the games and joke that Curl was like Senator Palpatine from Star Wars. Always whispering in the QB’s ear, always trying to coax him over to the dark side.

Good luck, Dick Curl and may the force be with you.