Chiefs Offensive Coordinator Target Mike McCoy To Stay In Denver


The Kansas City Chiefs have been rumored to be targeting Denver Broncos offensive coordinator Mike McCoy to replace Charlie Weis, however according to a tweet by’s Adam Schefter, it looks like McCoy could be staying in Denver.

"Not sure if this beats John Elway on Twitter, but the Broncos retained their OC Mike McCoy, who also could have gone to Clev or KC."

The Chiefs are likely grumpy over this situation. McCoy was originally hired by former Denver head coach Josh McDaniels. McCoy is familiar with the terminology and system the Chiefs run and likely would have been a nice fit for QB Matt Cassel considering the New England-McDaniels-Cassel connection.

Unfortunately the Broncos hired John Fox to be there new head coach and McCoy worked under Fox previously in Carolina. The Chiefs probably figured most of McDaniels’ old staff would be cut lose but the Fox hire was a game changer int his situation.

It looks as though the Chiefs will have to look elsewhere to find their new offensive coordinator.