Don’t Buy The “Haley Will Be Offensive Coordinator” Hype


At his end of the year press conference, Todd Haley said he was open to anything when asked if he would consider calling his own offensive plays next season leading to the usual media over interpretation and alarm sounding.

I didn’t initially report Haley’s response to the question because I didn’t want to add to what I knew would be a sensationalized interpretation of his words. I knew this because the fact that the offense did not perform well in 2009 when Haley was calling the plays combined with the Bob Fescoe’s post playoff pizza conspiracy, would lead to general panic in Chiefs Nation and would be yet another log on Jason Whitlock’s “Todd Haley Is An Egoistical Jerk” bonfire. Now that Pro Football Talk is reporting it (PFT incidentally has been having a nice little back and forth with Whitlock for the last week) I figured I had to say something.

Haley was pretty much saying the same thing for his entire press conference which was basically that the offseason evaluation process was about to begin and that the Chiefs were open to doing anything they can to improve the team. Haley, as he usually does, gives pretty much the same answer to every question and never gives a straight answer to anything so when he was asked if he would consider calling the plays next year there was no way he was going to say no.

In fact, what Haley said was this:

"“I’ll consider anything, but it’s going to be a very thorough evaluation of the entire system,” he said. “We had a real good coordinator here in Charlie [Weis] that has moved on to Florida. We have to make sure we continue to develop our coaches and have good coaches on the staff.”"

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If you glean anything from Haley’s statement it should be that there might be a good chance the Chiefs will hire a coordinator from within the organization, as is illustrated by the “We have to make sure we continue to develop our coaches and have good coaches on the staff” portion of the sentence.

I am going to have more on my thoughts about Haley, Weis and Whitlock later this week but for now, I just want to say that I don’t think there is a snowball’s chance in hell Haley will be serving as the team’s offensive coordinator next season. It just isn’t going to happen. Scott Pioli won’t let it happen. I don’t care if they have to use the “Ask Madden” feature in Madden 12, there is no way Haley will be calling offensive plays.

I know this because Pioli isn’t an idiot and frankly, neither is Haley. They both know it was too much for Haley to be coaching the team and calling the plays in 2009 and they both know that having an offensive coordinator enabled Haley to do a better job managing the team in 2010.

Again, I will have more on my thoughts on Haley and the job he did this year later in the week.