Chiefs vs. Ravens Prediction Thread


The Kansas City Chiefs take the field against the Baltimore Ravens today looking for their first playoff win in 17 years. The staff here at Arrowhead Addict has their picks in. They were originally posted yesterday as part of our post-season picks contest but we’ll throw just the Chiefs predictions up here again for you.

Patrick: Chiefs 17, Ravens 16

Hang on to your hats. This one is going to be close. I think this one will be a bit of a defensive battle with the Chiefs squeaking out a win. Go Chiefs!

Adam Best: Chiefs 27, Ravens 24

The Chiefs didn’t lose at Arrowhead this season, because I don’t count that meaningless Raiders game. The Red and Gold will handle their biz on D, and Bowe and Charles will do the heavy lifting against an overrated and aging Ravens defense. Cassel just need to manage the game, and he will.

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Adam T: Ravens 21, Chiefs 14

The Chiefs struggle against top defenses. Actually, I predicted it this way so that even if the Chiefs lose, there is still a silver lining in that I was right.

Jeremy: Chiefs 20, Raven 17

Ravens offense is not firing on all cylinders, and the Arrowhead noise and faithful will cause them to sputter.

Lyle: Chiefs 20, Ravens 16

Fueled by the power of Arrowhead, the Chiefs defense plays their best game of the season and Cassel, Charles, and the gang reward them with a solid but not spectacular performance.

Victor: Chiefs 24, Ravens 17

Cassel gets back on track, and Charles gets outside–but a third-quarter Derrick Johnson pick-six is the momentum-changing play of the game and ultimate difference in the outcome.

Big Matt: Chiefs 35, Ravens 10

Go big or go home. I’m scared of this game, but I’m also becoming strangely confident. I think maybe its because of that vision I had where Jesus told me we were going to win.

Merlin: Ravens 17, Chiefs 14

The Chiefs need their ‘A’ game and a fortunate bounce or two to win.

Randy: Chiefs 20, Ravens 13

The Arrowhead Advantage returns with a passion, and Randy drives home with leftover Arthur Bryants and big big expectations for next year. Resolved that this will be the last game at Arrowhead for this season.

Double D: Ravens 27, Chiefs 3

This is how the Chiefs season ends; not with a bang, but with a whimper.

Those are our picks Addicts. Now it is your turn. For perhaps the last time this season, it is time to put up or shut up!