Chiefs Playoff Loss: The Stages Of Football Grief


The Kansas City Chiefs saw their postseason dreams come to an end in one terrible half of football Sunday.

For Chiefs fans (and bloggers) it is time to start grieving. It is hard, after emotionally investing yourself in something for around 6 months, to have it all suddenly come crashing down in such a fashion. I was brought on to run AA back on December 16th. Back then the Chiefs’ season was already basically over and I began the task of rebuilding this site by cranking out the content, organizing the staff and preparing for the NFL Draft.

In the last year I’ve done over 2100 posts for AA, not counting the weekly offerings from our awesome staff. In many ways AA, like the Chiefs, has come a long way over this last year. In fact, the site has done better than I could have possibly imagined. That is thanks to you an din a way, thanks to the Chiefs.

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As we go through the stages of football grief over the next few days, remember what an enjoyable ride it has been. The Chiefs have an excellent young core of talented football players that are only going to get better.

Here at Arrowhead Addict, there is no offseason. We bleed red and gold all year round and you can expect the usual slough of daily updates. Some of you have been with us since last year and others have joined up along the way but I encourage you all to continue to talk Chiefs with us this offseason.

You help you survive your stages of football grief, here are a few things to look forward to here at Arrowhead Addict this offseason:

Live Chats:

Starting next week we’ll be doing live chats for the rest of the playoff games through the Super Bowl. Your friends here at AA will be here to talk football with you despite the fact that the Chiefs are out of the tournament.

Offensive Coordinator Hire:

We’ll be closely monitoring any and all coaching staff changes. Most especially, the Chiefs will eb looking for a new offensive coordinator this offseason.

Mock Drafts:

We love the NFL Draft here at Arrowhead Addict and by the time we are through with you, you’ll know all the top players in the NFL Draft. We do multiple mock drafts throughout the offseason so that when the Chiefs make their picks this April, you’ll know your stuff.

The Forums:

We’ll be refocusing our effort to develop the Addict Forums. The forums are a great place for our readers to do a bit of their own blogging and contribute to the conversation with more than just a comment. Exemplary forum posts will sometimes be posted on the main page. Sometimes, forum writers even get hired to join the staff. Just ask Adam (Ehud).

Free Agency:

I expect the Chiefs to be pretty active in free agency this season. I feel they have as strong core and they will be looking to upgrade at their now well identified weak areas. I am not saying they will spend a ton of money but I do expect some moves to be made.

We’ll track all the rumors heading into free agency and then we will stay up late to cover all the Chiefs’ moves.

The NFL Draft:

Arrowhead Addict was live at the NFL Draft last year in New York City and as long as the NFL hasn’t blacklisted us, we’ll be back again this year. We’ll have live coverage from Radio City Music Hall including live pictures and videos from the floor of the draft.We’ll also host a live chat for the early rounds.

Merlin’s Draft Forum:

The Ask Merlin Draft Forum is the place for draft questions all year round. Merlin is AA’s resident draft expert and he will be fielding your questions leading up to the big day. Merlin also makes the Chiefs’ picks over at Drafttek when they do their mocks.

The Usual Onslaught Of Opinion and Entertainment Pieces:

You can expect your usual daily dose of opinion and entertainment pieces from our staff. When there is less news to report it forces us to be more creative so the offseason is always a good time.

Training Camp:

Don’t worry Addicts. Training camp will be here before you know it. We’ll be getting live reports from the ground in St. Joseph and we will watch this team, with some key additions, continue to grow.

Moderator Hiring:

in the coming days we will be hiring moderators to join the staff and help facilitate the conversation. We want Arrowhead Addict to be the best dang place to talk Chiefs football on the net and as we grow we are going to need special enforcers. Think of yourselves as Shaun Smith without the extracurricular activities. Keep an eye out for more info if you are interested.

Register With Fansided:

Lastly, we are going to be requiring all of our readers to register with FanSided. This entails nothing more than selecting a username and passowrd. This will enable us to continue building the AA community and it will also cut down on the number of trolls we get on the site. You’ll be able to login which will make commenting easier and you will be able to use your username across all the FanSided sites.

Registering will also make you eligible to get your username on the commenter leader board on the right sidebar.

Become an official member of the community. Join FanSided today.

Thanks for a wonderful season Addicts. The road to the 2012 Super Bowl starts now!

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