Madden Simulation 2 For 2, Says Chiefs Will Win Big


EA Sports was quite successful in their simulations of the college bowl games thus far and it looks like they are continuing that trend with their Madden 11 simulation of the NFL Playoffs.

Thus far, the Madden 11 simulation correctly predicted the Seattle Seahawks to upset the New Orleans Saints and also picked the New York Jets to take down the Indianapolis Colts. In fact, the simulation of the late game was so accurate it correctly predicted the point differential. Madden 11 knew that the Jets would beat the colts by 1 point.

How do the Chiefs do in the simulation?

Well according to Madden, the Chiefs will not only win tomorrow, they will win big 35 to 9.

They won’t stop there either. Madden has KC going on to stomp the Steelers 31 to 14 in Pittsburgh before finally falling in the AFC Championship game 28 to 24 to the New England Patriots.

Hey, I can live with that.