Are The Raiders Beginning To Dump Their Players?


The Oakland Raiders decided not to pick up the option on head coach Tom Cable’s contract this week leading some players to speak out against the organization in the coach’s defense.

We mentioned yesterday that the firing of Cable could lead to the dismantling of the Raiders as they are currently constructed. We theorized that player unrest combined could cause many key Raiders to leave the team in free agency and that a new coach with a new philosophy might dump players that do not fit his vision.

It appears that the changes are already underway.

Oakland Pro Bowl punter Shane Lechler was one of the players that spoke out against the team following Cab;e’s firing and it appears the Raiders are preparing to move on without him.

The team has announced that they have signed punter Glenn Pakulak. Since teams don’t generally carry two punters, it looks like the team is preparing to trade Lechler, who is signed through 2012.

Guess that is what happens when you speak out against the Dark Lord Al Davis.

Lechler is a 6-time Pro Bowler and a 5-time first team All-Pro.

Way to go Mr. Davis.

Word on the street is that Herman Edwards, despite not currently being an NFL head coach, is offering 3 first round picks for Lechler.