Arrowhead Adventures! Keep it Warm !


Sunday, big Matt is gonna be launching some missles when the Kansas City Chiefs play Baltimore, that’s for sure. Another sure thing is that its going to be cold. Very cold if you sit in the shade like I do.  Take it from a guy who sat through the coldest home game on record in relative comfort, preparation is the key.

1. Layer it baby! Start with a wicking material like lycra. Wicking materials are comfortable next to your skin, and keep you dry when you become active, like when the Chiefs score near your section.

2. My next layer is always wool. Wool happens to be the only clothing material that will keep you warm when its wet. You won’t see me at Arrowhead when its cold without my big wool sweater.

3. You need a layer to stop the wind. For my money you cant beat Gortex. I didn’t bring my Gortex liner last week. BIG mistake. Gortex also wicks the perspiration, an added bonus.

4. A layer of insulation. When it comes to insulating, nothing beats down feathers. Period. The higher the percentage, the warmer you will be. I have an industrial parka thats 90% down. Any movement and you start to sweat.

I like the down layer as close to my skin as possible, then my Gortex layer on the outside, but sometimes I reverse it depending on conditions.

Finally, most of your body heat escapes through your head and hands. Make sure you get to the game with both gloves and a stocking (perferably wool) cap or Mad Bomber fur.

Follow these simple rules, and you will be as warm and toasty as I will be Sunday. GO CHIEFS!