Chiefs Weather Report: Fair


The National Weather Service has issued a severe fair weather fan alert for the entire Kansas City metro area.

The day started off perfectly calm with moderate to pleasant conditions, however, reports from the ground in Kansas City seem to indicate that shortly after 3PM CST the sky in Kansas City began to fall.

“It was crazy,” said a man wearing red and yellow face paint that appeared to be running near the corners of his eyes. “I woke up this morning and everything was beautiful. I drank my coffee out of my AFC West Championship coffee mug, starred at my playoff tickets for a solid hour and then jumped in my car to catch the game. And then all hell broke lose.”

Thousands were seen flocking from Arrowhead Stadium Sunday afternoon, many muttering about “the sky opening up” and some were even heard talking angrily about the “weather in Florida.”

As if the fair weather wasn’t bad enough, the traffic flowing out of Arrowhead Stadium was held up for over an hour as people inexplicably stopped to jump off a giant band wagon that was blocking the exit to the parking lot.

“It is amazing how quickly the weather can change, ” said a woman wearing a black and silver football jersey that appeared to have been shot with multiple arrows. “Just a few days ago they were talking about what the weather might be like in Dallas for the Super Bowl and now I hear Todd Haley is a bum, the offensive line is old and porous and Romeo Crennel has lost his touch.I don’t think these weather forecasters have any idea what they are talking about”

“Did you hear Matt Cassel eats kittens,” she added before hurrying away, opening an umbrella.

Meteorologists are expecting the fair weather to continue throughout the rest of the evening with things clearing up throughout the week as people realize the sky is still firmly hanging above their heads.