Charles Misses Jim Brown’s Record On Last, Meaningless Carry


Jamaal Charles had a chance at history Sunday by finishing an averaging more yards per carry than any back in NFL history.

Charles has the record secured until his last, meaningless carry.

The record, held by Browns great Jim Brown is an average of 6.4 yards per carry. Had Charles stopped at 229 carries (well after the game was decided) he would have finished the season averaging 6.41 yards per carry. Unfortunately for Charles, his last carry of the day went for -1 yard, knocking his average down to 6.378 yards per carry.

If your day wasn’t already depressing enough, I felt obligated to let you know how close Charles came.It especially stings because Charles got 3 carries on KC’s last drive playing their starters when the game was already pretty much lost.

Still, congratulations on Jamaal for one heck of a season. He has a very bright career ahead of him.