Weis To Take Florida Job Monday


The rumors have been swirling since Friday that Kansas City offensive coordinator Charlie Weis was going to leave the Chiefs to take the same position with the Florida Gators.

The rumors appear to be true.

The Associated Press is reporting that Florida will make the Weis hire official on Monday.

Weis has been with the Chiefs for less than a year and this sudden move, which appears to be lateral, raises a log of questions.

Why would Weis back out of his commitment with the Chiefs after less than a year, especially after the team and the offense has had such a successful season?

Is the departure of Weis an indication that Todd Haley is difficult to work with? When Haley came to Kansas City, he initially kept then offensive coordinator Chan Gailey on board. Then, three weeks before the regular season began, Haley fired Gailey and took over the coordinator duties himself. The results were not good, as the Chiefs offense struggled all season and never seemed to find a rhythm.

The departure of Weis is going to lead many to speculate that Haley, a former offensive coordinator, is a control freak who can not co-exist with someone else calling the offensive plays. This may not be fair but it is likely to be talked about anyway.

With the Weis situation all but confirmed, the focus now shifts to whether or not this story is going to cause a distraction for this young Chiefs team about to embark on it’s first playoff appearance since 2006. The Chiefs have projected an air of stability and direction since the Pioli/Haley era began and this development can’t really be viewed as a step forward. The departure of Weis means that the Chiefs will have to hire a new coordinator. Upon the hire, the Chiefs will have had 4 offensive coordinators in two years. Gailey, Haley, Weis and the new hire will all have held the title from 2009-early 2011.

What do you think Addicts? Are you upset with the departure of Charlie Weis? Are you afraid that this news will cause a distraction for KC”s playoff run? Most of all, do you feel this is an indication that Haley is a difficult to work with?