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Open Mic Night: New Year’s Resolution Edition


On this glorious last night of a new year for the Kansas City Chiefs, I have a couple of New Year’s Resolutions to throw out:

-I will make more time to hate the Oakland Raiders.  It will be tough, but nothing worth while is easy.

-I will not scour ESPN/NFL Network coverage like a fiend for hours awaiting a lame 10 second bit about the Chiefs.  It’s almost more rewarding to do well when people don’t care or notice.  Keep talking about the 0-48 Dallas Cowboys, the Brett Favre million dollar man reconstructions, and how awesome Peyton Manning is after he throws 4 interceptions in a game.  I’m fine with it, and I’m done with the national media as far as the NFL is concerned.

-I will go to every home game next year.  I really wish I could keep this one, but I know it’s a pipe dream.  Everyone makes at least one that they know they cannot or will not keep.

-I will restrain myself from buying every cheesy token thing about the Chiefs if they win the Super Bowl.  I will, however, buy the gold and diamond encrusted Sports Illustrated “Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl Champions” issue printed on paper made from a 4000 year old Bristlecone pine, complete with California Condor tail-feather bookmark and great panda bear fur lined case.

-I will laugh more often (at the state of the Denver Broncos).  After the past few years, it’s a laugh of relief, thank God it is not us anymore.  I still cannot stop from laughing when I think about their team getting fined for cheating with the season that they have had.  McDumbass evidentally didn’t learn from “The Hoodie” that when you cheat it’s supposed to help you win.

I think that about covers it.  On to the posts from this week,

Big Matt was so surprised and ecstatic after waking up late Sunday that he felt as if the Chiefs Landed on the Moon.  Victor put out the first in a series of posts concerning the game this week with his Chiefs-Raiders: Championship Edition post, and I followed up with a post about The Arrowhead Advantage and the importance of remaining undefeated at home.  Adam sealed things up with his own thoughts on the topic consuming every Chiefs fan’s brain, whether to sit or play the Chiefs starters.

What resolutions do you have Addicts?  Kudos to anyone that can come up with a convincing resolution involving Herm Edwards, Brodie Croyle, Carl Peterson, or Todd Blackledge.

With that said, It has been a surprising year for us KC fans, and I hope you all have lots of fun and get home safe.

Happy New Year!