You Might Have Missed It…But It’s Raider Week


The Kansas City Chiefs are the AFC West Champions and their sudden surge to glory has somewhat overshadowed the fact that it is Raider Week.

That’s right. Those Halloween costume-wearing, dog food eating, gang sign flashing group of ex and future convicts are coming to town this weekend to play a football game.

As much as it sickens me to say it, the Raiders are finally morphing in to something that sort of resembles a football team. While I have quite enjoyed watching the Raiders be the punchline of the NFL for the last decade or so, I am glad they are getting better.

Look, I’ll always hate the Raiders but the Chiefs rivalry is a lot more satisfying when both teams are in the AFC mix. Hopefully after this season, the San Diego Chargers will go right back to their rightful place in the AFC West basement and the Oakland Raiders will rise to their rightful place in second place, right behind the perennial champion Kansas City Chiefs.

This weekend’s game is going to be awesome. The Raiders want to finish the season at .500 and complete their division sweep. The Chiefs want to secure the #3 seed in the playoffs and send the Raiders back to the penitentiary California with a sour taste in their mouths.

Thus, let us begin an old fashioned Raiders trash talking thread. Have fun but just remember to keep it relatively clean and when the Raiders fans show up (and they most certainly will) please do not sink to the level of personal attacks. Let them resort to the low blow, cheap shots, curse words and poor grammar.

Also, keep an eye out for my boy Raiderhays. He’s one of the cool (if not somewhat misguided) Raiders fans we have that come around here and actually talk football.

With that, what is your favorite Chiefs victory over the Faiders?