NFL Week 17 Picks: KC Chiefs Are Favorites


The Kansas City Chiefs are 10-5 and already have the AFC West int he bag so naturally they are favorites this weekend against the Oakland Raiders, right?

Well, not entirely. has released it’s weekly NFL picks and all but two of the experts are picking the Chiefs to beat the Raiders at Arrowhead. That includes the Sunday Night Countdown crew who unanimously picked the Chiefs.

The Chiefs’ electronic counterparts were also victorious in weekly Madden 11 simulation. In the sim, the Chiefs beat the Raiders 21 to 18 behind a 100-yard rushing day by Jamaal Charles.

I am going to attribute the two experts picking against the Chiefs to the fact that they believe KC will sit or pull some of their starters, allowing the Raiders to get into the game.

Everything Todd Haley has said this week seems to indicate that he will be playing to win but that doesn’t necessarily mean he will play all of his starters all of the snaps. I wouldn’t be surprised to see an increased workload for Jackie Battle late int he game.