Earning Their Arrowheads


The Kansas City Chiefs clinched the AFC West title on Sunday and as the celebration stretched into Monday, we forgot to hand out arrowheads for the performance against the Titans.

Since the Chiefs didn’t clinch until after the Bengals beat the Chargers Sunday it was kind of easy to forget how important it was that the Chiefs took care of their business. Prior to last weekend’s games I had had a couple of nightmares where the Chargers lost but the Chiefs choked in Tennessee, throwing away their chance to take the AFC West. Thankfully that didn’t happen.

The Chiefs looked like a team determined to enter the post season on Sunday, in fact, they looked like a team determined to win in the post season.There were tremendous efforts all over the place for KC so lets get on with handing out the hardware.


Matt Cassel

If Cassel had played as well in September and October as he has in November and December he would be giving Tom Brady a run for his MVP money. I still think you could argue that Cassel is at least as valuable to the Chiefs as Brady is to the Patriots. No Cassel = no winning.

Anyway, who cares. Cassel is playing lights out and the Chiefs are going to the playoffs!

Jamaal Charles

Showed his versatility by doing most of his damage through the air as a receiver Sunday. The Chiefs also smartly sat him down once the game was in hand, allowing the star RB to rest and avoid injury. I don’t imagine we will see a whole lot of Charles on Sunday. He’ll play but if the Chiefs can nab a quick lead expect to find him on the bench preparing to torch the NY Jets defense.

Dwayne Bowe

Bowe is back on track. Right on time.

Chris Chambers

I have been hard on Chambers for doing basically nothing all season. I am not sure what the heck was going on but Chambers has shown up the last two weeks and that has been absolutely huge for the Chiefs. With Cassel and Bowe playing well, Chambers getting open makes the Chiefs’ offense pretty deadly. Here’s hoping he keeps it up.

Tony Moeaki

Moeaki caught 5 balls for 63 yards. He now has 46 receptions for 539 yards on the season. Not bad rookie, nor bad at all.

The Offensive Line

The line played very well Sunday, giving Cassel plenty of time in the pocket to deliver the ball.


Brandon Flowers

Lead the team in tackles with 7. He looks to be back on track.

Eric Berry

Congrats to Eric for his first NFL TD. With a run back like that, the Chiefs might was to try Berry out at WR.

Derrick Johnson

Another solid day from Johnson. DJ is perhaps the most important player on KC’s defense. When he plays lights out, the Chiefs D is tough to move the ball on.

Verran Tucker

3 more special teams tackles. Are you kidding me? He now has 13 tackles in 10 games. This kid is terrific.

Glenn Dorsey, Andy Studebaker and Tamba Hali

All 3 had sacks. Hali needs guys like Dorsey and Studebaker to help him get pressure because even though he seems like he can get pressure on every play, the man is only human.
Alright those are my arrowheads for the week. Did I miss anyone?