Chiefs QB Matt Cassel Hits Milestones In Week 16


Just weeks ago many folks were wondering if Kansas City Chiefs QB Matt Cassel could be the long-term answer and now, just a few weeks later, he is playing like a top 10 QB.

Cassel started going through a change in November, stringing together a number of impressive games. Then suddenly his development looked like it might get derailed when the QB had to have an emergency appendectomy. Cassel only missed one game, however, and has returned looking better than ever.

Sunday’s game against the Tennessee Titans may very well have been Cassels career best. He was wildly efficient early, hitting 12 of his first 13 passes. He finished the day with a 128.8 QB rating, throwing for 314 yards and 3 touchdowns with no interceptions. When added to his season total, Cassel’s Sunday numbers helped him reach some statistical milestones.

-Cassel has now thrown for 3,001 yards.

-Cassel has now thrown 27 touchdowns vs. 5 interceptions.(career high/low as a starter)

-Cassel now has a QB rating of 98.8 on the season. (career high)

-Cassel brought his completion percentage to 60.2 percent.

-Cassel is averaging 7.2 yards per pass. (tied for career high)

The most significant of these stats for me is Cassel’s completion percentage and his yards per pass average. He has gone from being an efficient game manager to a player who can make a real difference. His presence  on the field makes everything the Chiefs offense wants to do easier. That is the true mark of a franchise QB. What a season for Cassel.