Chiefs 2011 Opponents Nearly Set


When the Kansas City Chiefs secured first place in the AFC West Sunday, they also secured themselves a first place schedule in 2011.

That means that while we won’t know the order of the games for some time, we can pretty much determine what teams the Chiefs will play next year right now.

Basically each team’s schedule is predetermined years in advance except for two games. Each season, the Chiefs play their own division twice  and one AFC division and one NFC division on a rotating basis. Those games account for 14 of KC’s 16 games. The 2 extra games will come from the two AFC divisions the Chiefs aren’t playing that year. Those teams are chosen based on where they finished the previous season.

For example, this season the Chiefs were set to play the AFC South and the NFC West. Since they finished in last place in the AFC West, they played the two teams that finished in last in the AFC East (Bills) and AFC North (Browns). The San Diego Chargers on the other hand, finished in first place last year so they played the first place teams from the AFC East (Patriots) and the AFC North (Bengals).

So who are the Chiefs playing in 2011? Find out after the jump.

Chiefs 2011 Opponents

AFC West:

Oakland Raiders x2

Denver Tebows Broncos x2

San Diego Chokers Chargers x2

AFC East:

New England Patriots

New York Jets

Miami dolphins

Buffalo Bills

NFC North:

Chicago Bears

Green Bay Packers

Minnesota Vikings

Detroit Lions

AFC North:

Steelers/Ravens (depending on the outcome of Week 17)

AFC South:

Colts/Jaguars (depending on the outcome of Week 17)

This is certainly a much more difficult schedule than the Chiefs faced this year but to be the best you have to beat the best. What do you think Addicts? Will the 2011 Chiefs be good enough to navigate this schedule or will they take a step back?