Arrowhead Adventures: Division Champs


The Kansas City Chiefs are  division champs!

It has a nice ring to it.

I wondered if we could beat the Raiders next Sunday and claim the prize as I sat on the parking lot of Arrowhead munching on leftover BBQ and watching a drunk college student roll around under a 4×4 as his buddies tried to coax him out with a dripping pork rib.

As I searched my smart phone on the way home, it hit me. The Chargers seemed to be losing. The Division could be ours tonight!

The atmosphere at Arrowhead had been different. It hit me as I was wandering around the parking lot eating ribs from a plastic plate and enjoying life. The usual excited faces met my gaze as I made my way to the ticket office to replace  my “left at home” originals. But there was an additional element I hadn’t seen in awhile. A happy element. The Arrowhead crowd was happy. Happy to be alive, I thought. Happy to be at the greatest NFL stadium in the world. But mostly happy to be Chiefs Fans.

Wow. How long had it been since I had seen that in December?2006 I surmised. Maybe longer.

When I got to my seat about five minutes before game time, I had found out that Dwayne Bowe had made his usual trip to our corner and handed a kid a ball. That’s a good sign, as it usually means he is confident he can overcome his defensive coverage.  As I rode home, I realized his instincts were turning out to be pretty good.

Kendrick Lewis came to our corner late in the game and flexed his bicep, cheers erupted, high fives were exchanged.

We were hoping for a Lambeau leap, but the illegal “double” occurred on the other side of  the field. Turns out I’ll have at least two more opportunities before this year is over to experience that first hand.

Last game I missed one by inches.

Most of the last quarter I moved up to the front row and hung over the rail, aimlessly trying to touch the cheerleaders hands as they walked by and waved at us.

From half time on, it was definitely not a game we had in the bag, but for reasons I can’t explain, I knew in my heart we had won it. A warm feeling of relaxation swept over me. A feeling I hadn’t allowed myself to experience in more years than I cared to count.

PREDICTION! Should we play the Jets in our fist post season home game, I predict a convincing win over these disfunctional cheaters!

So here we go ! Two more games at home, one post season. Your Arrowhead Adventurer will be there to report back!

See you then!