Kansas City Chiefs Win The AFC West


The Kansas City Chiefs have won the AFC West and will go to the NFL playoffs for the first time since the 2006 season!

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The Chiefs will host a playoff game for the first time since 2003 when the Indianapolis Colts and Peyton Manning came to town for “The Game Where Punted.” The Chiefs lost that game 38 to 31. They would go 10-6 the next season but missed the playoffs. Then head coach Dick Vermeil retired and then the Chiefs hired…well…let’s just skip over everything that happened after that.

The Chiefs won earlier today to move to 10-5 and then the attention of Chiefs Nation turned to Cincinnati, Ohio where the Bengals were playing host to the 8-6 San Diego Chargers. A Charger win would have meant the AFC West would not be decided until the season’s final week, however, the 3-11 Bengals playing only for pride, put the Chiefs in the playoffs a week early.

Today marks an incredible turnaround for the Chiefs who won only 4 games a season ago. This year, however, things were different from the very first game. The Chiefs began the season by upsetting the San Diego Chargers in front of a national audience in the first game at the new Arrowhead Stadium.Some folks thought it was a fluke win but the Chiefs kept winning, starting out with 3 straight wins before finally losing on the road in Indianapolis.

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It was a season of ups and downs for the Chiefs. From blowout wins against the 49ers, Jaguars and Titans to nail biters against the Browns, Raiders and Bills.

In the end, however, the Chiefs proved themselves by winning when it counted to unseat the San Diego Chargers who have controlled the AFC West since 2006.

The Chiefs can now chose to rest some of their key players next week if they choose when the Oakland Raiders come to town.

We’ll have more tonight and throughout the week but for now, it is time to celebrate. What do you think Addicts? Best Christmas present ever?