Chiefs vs. Titans: Prediction Thread


The Kansas City Chiefs can clinch the AFC West title today if the San Diego Chargers lose in Cincinnati but first they must take care of business themselves by defeating the Tennessee titans at Arrowhead Stadium.

I have conferred with the Arrowhead Addict staff and we have come up with our weekly picks. Let’s get right to it.

Patrick: Chiefs 24, Jeff Fisher’s Mustache 13

Adam Best: Chiefs 31, Titans 13

Double D: Chiefs 17, Titans 16

More picks after the jump.

Nick: Chiefs 31, Titans 27

Randy: Chiefs 35, Titans 10

Victor: Chiefs 38, Titans 21

Big Matt: Chiefs 38, Titans 21

Adam T: Chiefs 24, Titans 21

Jeremy: Chiefs 20, Titans 14

Lyle: Chiefs 27, Titans 17

Alright Addicts, it is time to put up or shut up. All 10 of us picked the Chiefs.

Who are you picking?