NPR: Not Playoff Ready


In August I made my preseason prediction for our beloved Kansas City Chiefs.

I said they’d go 6-10.I felt that there were too many problems on a 4-12 team especially with a retooled coaching staff to overachieve. I was wrong.

The Chiefs have thoroughly surprised everyone starting out 3-0 and leading the AFC West throughout 2010. But Sunday the Chiefs were brought back to earth. The Chiefs are that 6-10 team I predicted earlier but let me explain my
reasoning before you shut off your computer.

The Chiefs have been the beneficiary of good fortune. They have played the crossover with the NFC West a division which lacks a team with a winning record. They got to play the Browns who were led by journeymen Seneca Wallace
and before they realized the talents of Payton Hillis. The Chiefs had the good fortune to play the Bills before they had discovered the technique of finishing a game.

Besides the obvious, watered down schedule, the Chiefs were coached up by Charlie Weiss and Romeo Crennel. The shortened games by a potent running attack which also served the purpose to limit exposure of a young defense. Romeo coached up Glenn Dorsey and resurrected the career of Shan Smith and Derrick Johnson. This led to the Chiefs sterling 8-4 record.

But as Abraham Lincoln said, “You can fool some of the people some of the time but not all of the people all the time”

Coordinators made adjustments. Players were exposed and presto the Chiefs were no longer the juggernaut.  This resulted in the blowout in Denver. The Chiefs regrouped and quickly beat three also-rans the Cardinals, the Seahawks and the Broncos. But yesterday without its leader Matt Cassel the Chiefs were a befuddled group of players reminiscent of Herm’s 2-14, 2008 version. The bailing wire, duck tape and Elmer’s Glue so brilliantly used by Pioli and Haley could only hold so long. The result was one of the most humiliating defeats in Chiefs history.

What might happen to the Chiefs if they back into the playoffs this year?

The Chiefs lack a right tackle, a center and nose tackle, as well as a receiving threat to compliment D-Bowe.  It is obvious to everyone that a backup QB is a great need for 2011. The Brodie project can now be declared a total and complete failure.

In total, playoff teams don’t get blowout by 3-10 teams or fail to get 70 yards of offense when playing for a division title.

Last week’s disaster can only lead to one conclusion-not playoff ready.