Earning Their Arrowheads


The Kansas City Chiefs played so badly as a team yesterday it is darn near impossible to find a single player who performed well.

I did, however, manage to find a couple of guys worthy of an Arrowhead for their play in San Diego.

Jamaal Charles

Charles didn’t make much of a difference Sunday but he didn’t play poorly. He carried 10 times for 40 yards. Despite the Chargers stacking the box, horribly unimaginative play calling, no passing game and horrific offensive line play, Charles still managed to average 4 yards per carry. The kid is simply amazing. Don’t worry about Jamaal. He’ll be just fine.

What I like the most about Charles is that he was ticked off about how he played after the game. Even though there wasn’t much more he could have done in this type of game, Charles felt like he had let the team down and that he didn’t live up to the contract he had signed the day before. Jamaal is definitely part of the right 53.

More…just a few…after the jump.

Eric Berry

The Chiefs defense was wretched but Eric Berry wasn’t. He had 7 tackles, 2 pass defenses and one hell of an interception that could have helped keep the Chiefs in the game if they had any offensive production whatsoever. Berry continues to develop and he will be a treat to watch for years to come.

Tamba Hali

Still managed to get a sack even though the Chargers were rolling through the Chiefs D like a hot knife through butter. It is just a shame he is the only Chief that can consistently generate pressure.

Verran Tucker

Tucker had 4 special teams tackles yesterday. He still has a ways to go as a receiver but he certainly deserves his roster spot on special teams.

Dexter McCluster

Dex did a nice job returning kicks…not that it mattered.

That is it . A few Chiefs showed up but as a whole they were all utter failures. Still, it is nice to see that a few of the young players are still developing even in lopsided losses.

The Chiefs have a lot of talent. They’ll bounce back.