Chiefs vs. Chargers Prediction Thread


The Kansas City Chiefs will square off against the San Diego Chargers this afternoon and if KC can pull out the victory, the Chargers’ reign atop the AFC West will finally be over.

To do that, the Chiefs are going to have to go on the road with backup Brodie Croyle and wrestle the AFC West title away from the Chargers.

Dramatic enough for you?

It is time for us here at Arrowhead Addict (and you too) to put up or shut up. Keep in mind (and I can’t believe I have to do this but some people are crazy and are sharpening their knives as we speak) that a Chiefs fan predicting the Chiefs to lose this game are still supportive of the Chiefs. Yes, you can think the Chiefs are going to lose and still not WANT them to lose. If we all always picked the Chiefs ever week, doing these posts would be pointless.

So to those of you who will be up an arms by any writer for this site picking the Chargers, spare us your venom. You should be smart enough to know better.

With that being said, the picks are after the jump.

Patrick: Chargers 20, Chiefs 17 (OT)

Double D: Chiefs 26, Chargers 23

Randy: Chargers 21, Chiefs 10

Lyle: Chargers 27, Chiefs 20

Jeremy: Chiefs 24, Chargers 21

Nick: Chiefs 17, Chargers 14

Merlin: Chargers 27, Chiefs 21

Victor: Chiefs 21, Chargers 17

Big Matt: Chargers 16, Chiefs 10

There you have it. Amongst the staff the Chargers have it 5-4. I was the deciding vote. I struggled over this mightily.  I just think the loss of Cassel will be too much for the Chiefs to overcome on the road.

I do however, fully admit that the Chiefs could win this game. The Chargers are terrible inconsistent and the Chiefs have enough play makers to take advantage of those inconsistencies.

I think if this one is close that the Chargers will pull it out. KC’s best chance is to win going away by getting up early. I think they’ll need a special teams TD and a couple of big runs by Jamaal Charles.

A heck of a game plan by Romeo Crennel wouldn’t hurt either. The Chargers have won this season when they have scored close to 30 points but have struggled when teams have held them to around 20 or less. The Chiefs D is certainly capable of doing that so we’ll have to see. I feel like we could see a repeat of the Colts game here. Pretty good D but not enough offense.

Alright Addicts, time to put up or shut up. What are your predictions for today’s game?