Arrowhead Adventures: Play Croyle!


A long way we have come since my post of October 8, 2010. I asked for your favorite current player, and offered my choice as Matt Cassel.  And I got blasted!

Eight weeks later, well my choice is probably more widely accepted.
Why did I pick Matt?

One Major Reason. As I sat through  game after game of Brodie being carried off the field on a stretcher, I told myself nothing could change until we found a durable QB. Sure Brodie has an arm like a rocket launcher. The problem is its connected to a brain that is still linked to college ball.

He tries to force passes that would be completions in college games. He hangs on to the ball to long, hoping for that perfect opening that usually came at Alabama. And finally, either he doesn’t know how to take a sack, or his body just isn’t built to take it. When I heard Matt was coming to KC from the East , well I thought we finally had secured the glue we needed to hold this team together.

So here we go into one of the most important games the Chiefs have faced in a long long time. A December game that means something. And Matt has his appendix removed four days before the kick off. And my life as a Chiefs fan suddenly has adventure I didn’t see coming.

As they say, “when everything is gone, anything goes”, and I think the situation fits Sundays game like a glove.

Its a game I thought we could win as my girlfriend and I left the Monday night game walking on air, nothing but possibilities ahead. It was a game I thought I could win when I bought two tickets in the upper level at Chargers stadium, and started checking out airfare to LA.

But its a game I no longer had confidence in when our butts were kicked in Oakland and Denver. When San Diego started kicking NFL butt,  I listed them for sale, and they quickly sold.

So the chances I felt we had to be San Diego dropped even more when my buddy called and told me Matt was in the hospital with appendicitis. But it wasn’t dread I felt, but excitement as I hung up the phone.  Croyle might get his chance after all.

So at this point I hope we go with Croyle. Lets give him a chance to show us what he can do with a little time to make some decisions. If he shines, well we have a great backup quarterback. And as Matt found out in New England, you never know when you might need him. And