Cassel Underwent Appendectomy Surgery


The Matt Cassel mystery is solved.

And the news is not good.

According to Adam Schefter via Twitter, Cassel had an appendectomy today. The surgery happened this morning and was successful. Shefter later reported that the procedure was laparoscopic surgery on his appendix. Schefter says this type is less invasive but having had the procedure himself that it is tough to bounce back from.

At the same time Schefter reported that Cassel was a big question mark for Sunday, Josh Looney of KC tweeted about the surgery, saying the Chiefs “expect Cassel back at work this week.” It seems the Chiefs PR machine was ready to go on this. They wanted to hide the news as long as possible and as soon as Looney broke it, Looney was right there with a tweet from the team.

I have never had an appendectomy so I did some quick research. It appears the normal recovery time for such a surgery is a week.  Lots of KC media have been contacting doctors and the word seems to be that it is doubtful Cassel will be able to play this weekend.

4 days is not a lot of time to recover from surgery. Cassel is a tough SOB but this looks kind of grim. It might be the Brodie Croyle show Sunday.

Say your prayers.