The Chargers Lost!?!?


Initially, I had some concerns about the way the Chiefs squeaked by Denver at home.  I wanted a bloodbath, I predicted a bloodbath, and a 10-6 win didn’t feel like proper vengeance for the beat-down they gave us at Mile High.  But once San Diego lost those concerns blew away like a fart in the wind.  I really can’t believe the Chargers faltered like that.  Apparently they’re going to make it easy on us.  Matty Likey.

Of course, one concern does remain.  Remember last week when I asked who everyone preferred at right tackle?  I’d like to officially change my answer to Ryan O’Callaghan.  I know Richardson has been a nice surprise (kind of) and is overachieving for a 6th-round pick, but that sideline meltdown was totally unacceptable.  I mean, he shoved a coach.  Yes he was emotional, and it was the heat of the moment, and “it is what it is” and all those other sporting cliches.  The bottom line is Richardson embarrassed himself and the team, he got physical with a coach, and he should be punished for it.

You know what else he did?  He got a stupid penalty in an absolutely crucial moment.  I feel like that has been lost in the shuffle here.  It may have been a somewhat knee-jerk move to pull him, but that is not an excuse for a 300-pound adult to throw a temper-tantrum.  Fine him, sit him.  Either that or never talk about “the right 53” ever again.

The official team stance will of course be that Richardson’s diaper-wetting “isn’t a big deal.” From my perspective, a team that talks this much about character can’t afford to pretend away such an obvious lack of it.  Normally I’m not big on punishment.  This is a special case.  I can’t remember ever having been more embarrassed by a player’s lack of intelligence*.

*I can, however, remember being more embarrassed by a coach’s lack of intelligence.

Your boy Big Matt talks about Chiefs players other than Barry Richardson after the jump:

I know some of you think the fact that we won means everyone on the team is beyond criticism.  I know this because you’ve said it.  Many times.  You’re the same people who made those bizarre “how’s that crow taste?” comments last week after Matt Cassel won offensive player of the month.  The same people who throw the term “hater” around and think yourselves fit to judge other fans’ credibility.  You’re the same people who persecuted Galileo, burned witches at the stake, and put every dictator in the history of the world in power.  I’m scared of you.  I’m scared of how your brains work.  That won’t stop me from making the following statement:

Matt Cassel had a bad game yesterday (gasp!).

I’m not saying that makes Cassel a bad quarterback.  And I’m not saying I dislike him.  I’ve never said either of those things, although I’ve certainly had those words put in my mouth by others.  All I’m saying is that our quarterback had a bad game.  He threw several ugly passes.  We can admit that.  We don’t have to make excuses.  We can also take solace in the fact that even though he had a bad game, he still didn’t throw an interception.  If he’d thrown an interception we probably would’ve lost.  Even when he’s bad, he limits mistakes.  Better to hold on to that than construct a fantasy world in which our quarterback automatically had a great game as long as we win.

Let’s talk about the players who actually did play well.  That’s fun to do, right?  And none of us have to get angry with each other!

This was a great week for the defense.  I know they gave up 161 yards to a running back who hasn’t topped 60 against anyone else, but I’m not losing sleep over that.  Not when Kyle Orton (and the offense as a whole) was completely shut down.  That pass defense was on point, son!  Brandon Carr, Tamba Hali and Javier Arenas are getting my game-balls.  It was really nice to see Carr in particular play well.  He’s definitely a starting caliber player, and I feel like that gets lost in the shuffle sometimes.  We all love Flowers and Berry, but its nice to see an unsung hero step up.

As for Arenas, I’m going to give some dap to Pioli here.  When he made that pick, he listed blitzing as one of Arenas’s strengths.  At the time I thought it was silly to get wrapped up in the blitzing ability of a cornerback, but those two sacks yesterday have changed my mind.  Lord knows we need someone besides Tamba Hali to pressure the quarterback.  If that has to be our nickel-back, so be it.

This was a strange game, in many ways.  Pope Lenny I caught our only touchdown pass, D-Bowe was silent, Thom Jones played well (yes, I admit when that happens), and Andy Studebaker actually saw the field.  We all thought the offense had arrived and the defense regressed, but yesterday it was just the opposite.  These Chiefs definitely keep us guessing.

The most important thing, of course, is that we no longer have to win in San Diego and if we do, this division, and a home playoff game (!) are ours.  If/when that happens, as promised, I will be getting inked up.  Any Chiefs tattoo suggestions, serious or otherwise, are welcome.  Right now the frontrunner is a black Arrowhead on my shoulder blade…..or Perv Smith’s hand on my crotch.