Arrowhead Adventures! Denver Comes To Town!


As we sat down in our seats in Amen Corner, something just didn’t seem right with the Kansas City Chiefs. Dwayne Bowe wasn’t doing his usual “Dwayne Bowe Dance” in our corner, and Pioli was on the field mingling with the players in his full length dress coat, I don’t remember ever  seeing him down there before.

Dwayne finally showed, but didn’t interact much with us. He finally pranced over and gave a football to a grateful youth, then did a “Lambeau Leap” right in front of my seat. My reflexes were a little off, I missed his hand by half an inch.

As he trotted off to join his comrades in battle, I wondered……was Dwayne worried about this game?

As it turned out he should have been…..Champ Bailey shut him down.

Bowe’s sister and brother who had been in the row behind us, vacated to their legitimate seats, and we settled in for the cold game ahead.

I took it as a bad omen when the idiot  from the Eli  Young Band forgot the words to the National Anthem! Idiot Screws Up The National Anthem. It was a awesome to see the entire stadium stand up, and drown him about by singing over him.  After the F-16’s completed their fly-by, I think we all felt better.

The optimism didn’t last long when Haley characteristically went for it on fourth down, a play that couldn’t have ended up worse, with number 7 on his butt.  We hoped we wouldn’t need those three points, thank God it turned out we didn’t.

Pope seemed extra tall that day, especially when he caught the pass for our only touchdown. The excitement for us came when McCluster ran with it, he headed straight for my seat.  A lack of enthusiasm when I was slapping palms with the guy to my right, alerted me to the call back and I heard 70,000 tired, cold Chiefs fans groan.

While there was a lot of good taken from Sundays performance, it’s offset by concern, such as Richardsons behavior during the game.  Richardson loses it.

I had two tickets to see next weeks game in San Diego, but I sold them a couple of weeks ago, I just couldn’t bring myself to spend all that time, money, and effort to see us get our usual spanking in San Diego. Their loss Sunday was awesome for us, but still doesn’t change my feelings and I’m glad I’m staying home.

As my buddy Aaron and I looked through the awesome photos he took (like the one above) and ate Gate’s BBQ we discussed what we had in store for us the rest of the season. I’m looking forward to shelling out some extra cash for a post season ticket or two and I think there is still an excellent chance I’ll be doing just that. It’s been an incredible season I could not have imagined, I think its gonna get better and better!

What about you Addicts?