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Earning Their Arrowheads


The Kansas City Chiefs blasted the Arizona Cardinals yesterday 31-13 (I predicted 38-9, pretty good eh?) and regained first place in the AFC West. We’ve already given out our game balls but it takes more than just 3 men to win a game in the NFL so it is time to see who is “Earning Their Arrowheads.”

Matt Cassel

This was an excellent and efficient performance from Cassel. Not only did he help his team win the game, he also got awarded an Arrowhead Addict game ball which his agent has already called me about. Apparently Matt is very excited about this honor and wants to take us all out to dinner to say thank you.

Jamaal Charles

Charles rocks. He had 12 carries for 88 yards yesterday and added 4 catches for 38 yards. That is 16 touches for 126 yards. He had no touchdowns but only because he had them poached by Thomas Jones.

Thomas Jones

Nothing spectacular from Jones other than his long run. He also added two touchdowns after Bowe and Charles did all the grunt work. Still, his numbers are good and he got it in the endzone which is good enough for me.

Dwayne Bowe

Just awesome. Bowe made Rodgers-Cromartie look as foolish as his last name would indicate. What is even more impressive is that Bowe did it with no Tony Moeaki, no Dexter McCluster taking the heat off of him. I assure you, Chris Chambers and Verran Tucker aren’t drawing any double teams.

Barry Richardson

Big Barry messed up bad last week but stepped up this week in place of the injured Branden Albert and got the job done.

Glenn Dorsey

Dorsey continues his solid season against the run. I[m really looking forward to how he’ll play next season which will be his third year in the 3-4 scheme.

Javier Arenas

The Cardinals came out and tried to pick on Arenas and they had some success but Arenas didn’t panic and kept grinding. He tied for the team lead in tackles and also added a sack. His coverage skills will improve but for a rookie he is having a nice little season as the nickel corner. Arenas also added a nice 17-yard punt return.

Demorrio Williams

I have to hand it to Williams, he is the definition of a Chief. He started all last year and though he didn’t play well, he was promised a shot at keeping his job in the offseason. He showed up and had a spectacular preseason but was benched in favor of Derrick Johnson. Even though it was the right move, I am sure Demorrio didn’t think so but he kept his mouth shut and kept his head down. When Williams has gotten on the field he has made the best of it. The chiefs have used him as a pass rusher and he has done a good job of creating pressure in certain formations and finally recorded a sack yesterday. He also had two forced fumbles against Oakland and has nearly blocked punts on special teams about half a dozen times. Don’t be surprised if he gets one before the end of the season.

Williams is the kind of backup you want on a championship team. Like Jon McGraw, he isn’t a guy you want out there every down but he is a talented and smart veteran who can make the occasional play for you as long as you don’t overextend him.

Now if only the Chiefs would realize Mike Vrabel, is that kind of guy at this point in his career and start Andy Studebaker we’d be alright.

Eric Berry

This kid is just fantastic against the run. On that play where Tim Hightower was trying to get the first down, Berry was actually the second Chief on the scene. Donald Washington actually got there first and just kind of stopped and looked at Hightower about a yard behind the first down marker. Washington likely did this because he knows he can’t tackle so the Chiefs coaches probably told him to just get in front of guys and try to stall them until and actual football player could arrive to make the tackle.

An actual football player like Eric Berry perhaps?

While Washington stood there jogging in place, Eric Berry came flying in like a missile and stopped Hightower dead in his tracks.

In a year, when Eric Berry is more confident in pass coverage, he’ll be one of the best safeties in the NFL.

Jovan Belcher

All he does is make tackles.

Brandon Flowers


Kendrick Lewis

Sure was nice having Lewis back, wasn’t it? Hope his hamstring stays unstrained.

Honorable Mentions:

Verran Tucker

Still learning to be an NFL receiver but is showing some promise by actually catching some balls and getting open on occasion. Not something we can say for Chris Chambers.

Tucker has been active for 5 games but he really didn’t get any snaps at receiver in the first 2. In his 5 games on the active roster, he has 3 catches for 62 yards and a touchdown.

By comparison, Chris Chambers has been active for 8 games and has 13 catches for 122 yards and 1 touchdown.

Chambers is equaling 9.4 yards per catch.

Tucker is averaging 20.7 yards per catch, albeit a much smaller sample size.

I’ve seen enough of Chambers. Free Verran Tucker!