Arrowhead Adventures! A Bright Future Looms In Our Horizon!


Wow, what can you say about a day like Sunday?  Arrowhead and the Kansas City Chiefs just keep getting better and better! In past months your Arrowhead Adventurer proclaimed loudly and with conviction that “Bowe Must Go!”. Now I’m thinking Pro Bowl for “The Show”. What a difference a month can make in the NFL.

My girlfriend and I decided to spend the weekend in KC with another couple, and had a fantastic time. The weather was incredible for a November weekend, but a self-imposed cloud hung over the otherwise perfect day.

This was a game we had to win.

The week before I told myself that Haley knows this Cardinal team inside and out. He went to the Superbowl with them after all. Hell,they went to the Superbowl because of him in many ways I told myself. And this was a team on a four game losing streak! If anyone knew what that was like it was the 80,000 fans that would sit next to me this  day.

As we rode to the game my thinking took a different twist.

If Haley knew the Cardinal inside and out, well that meant they knew him! And losing four games probably made these guys hungry! As I handed the parking booth attended my red pass to scan, I knew in my heart we were screwed.

As Bowe came to see us in our little corner before the game, an angry fan screamed that he needed to start catching some balls and it made us angry. That isn’t what my man D-Bowe needs right now, he needs encouragement I thought. My neighbors filled me in on why Dwayne comes to our corner so much, his brother has a season ticket right behind me. This day the second seat was shared by his high school coach. They were both remarkably cool about the outburst, but I felt the need to stand up and tell my man Dwayne that he was headed in the right direction and acted upon the impulse.I wouldn’t swear to it but I think he smiled.

The first three points were scored by the opposing team,  I told my section buddies that I felt those might be three points we would regret later, as my self imposed cloud drifted slowly across my sky blue mind.

But of course the Chiefs took control and kicked some Cardinal butt the rest of the game.

I thought Matt looked great, probably the best game I have ever seen him play at Arrowhead. Charles and Jones played awesome as well. At home a person simply follows figures on a screen, but in person, well in person a guy picks up on the player moods. Subtle but unmistakable,  I could tell these guys knew they needed a win. But more importantly, I felt they knew they were going to get one.

In the middle of the second quarter I decided to see a man about a horse, when I returned to my seat my girlfriends Lori’s cell phone was beeping from texts alerting her to the fact she and my empty seat had been on National TV! Very cool , but I wanted on TV too! Oh well, this Arrowhead Addict is going to get more chances than a Cardinal gets worms, these tickets aren’t gonna stay with me for years to come if I can help it.

After the game, the fans weren’t crazy like I’ve seen them in past wins. I guess though we knew we needed the win, most felt we would get it. And that in itself told me how incredibly far the Kansas City Chiefs have come.

We toured the museum after the game, and if your a Chiefs fan who loves history (who isn’t?) it gets no better than this. I’ve toured it before, but you always find something new each time you wander through.

My favorite display Sunday was a wall displaying every single Chiefs player’s photo along with stats, no matter how insignificant his contribution may have been. We found a player who went to high school in my adopted home town of Springfield. His last name is Kubik, and we were told he played zero games, with zero stats. That’s Kansas City for you. If you wore the jersey, you get recognition regardless of your contribution. No small reason why I’m an Arrowhead Addict. Another reason why I make the three hour trek to Kansas City every time my Chiefs take the home field.

Division leaders I thought as I settled in for the ride home. With the easiest schedule for the rest of the year in the NFL.  I knew we really could win the division this year.

And what would we be like after another couple of drafts? We are a young team, with a young head coach, a young GM, and  a young owner committed to keeping the Chiefs in KC and carrying on his fathers obsessive love for his football team. Millions and millions of municipal and private Hunt family dollars made the promise almost a guarantee.

As I laid my head back on the headrest, I smiled to myself. I knew I’d be making this trip to see the red and gold for many many years to come.