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Inside The Enemy Camp: Arizona Cardinals


Sunday the Kansas City Chiefs will return to Arrowhead Stadium to take on the Arizona Cardinals and as part of our game preview, we are going Inside The Enemy Camp with Fansided’s Cardinals blog Raising Zona!

I sat down with Scott Allen, the lead blogger at Raising Zona and he answered a few of my questions about the Chiefs’ next opponent.

AA: Let’s start with the Todd Haley connection. What were your thoughts of Haley when he was in Arizona and do you feel his departure helped or hurt the Cards?

RZ: I’m not sure his departure hurt the Cards but it sure didn’t help. Haley was a popular coordinator and for more than his in-game argument with Anquan Boldin during the NFC Championship. I think you see more of his absence this season than last when they still had Kurt Warner.

AA: Who the heck is playing QB for you guys these days? It seems like every time I check out the box score of a Cardinals game there is a different player under center. Who can we expect to see on Sunday?

RZ:Derek Anderson. He is serviceable, as a backup. No way he should be starting, however the Cards have no choice. Rookie Max Hall was given his chances and clearly proved he is not NFL ready. He may never be.

AA: The Cardinals appear to have finally committed to giving Beanie Wells more carries but he is only averaging 3.3 yards per carry. Is the problem the running back or the offensive line?

RZ: Yes…and Yes. The Cards are committed to Wells when he is healthy. He was inactive last week against the Seahawks, yet his counterpart Tim Hightower only carried the ball 13 times. Wells only carried one time the week before and said he didn’t play more because of the game plan, so I’m not 100% sure the Cards are committed to Wells. As for the O-Line, I can protect myself from a sunny day in Arizona better than they can pass protect or run block.

AA:Who are some young Cardinals players that Chiefs fans may not have heard of but should keep an eye out for Sunday?

RZ: Andre Roberts, WR. He was the Cards third round draft pick out of The Citadel who started out very slow but finally seems to be coming around.

AA: Finally, what is your prediction for Sunday’s game at Arrowhead?

RZ: Chiefs 42 Cardinals 10 – I’m highly optimistic the Cards can hang with the Chiefs for 10-12 minutes before falling apart. Matt Cassel is going to rip the secondary apart much like everyone else has done this season.

There you have it Addicts. If my memory serves, Scott is the first opposing blogger to predict his team to lse to the Chiefs. That either shows that Scott is no homer or things are just really that bad in Arizona.