My Chief Concerns: Batted Down


Well, that was fun. When your team is down by 35 points in the first half at least your emotions have been taken out of it.  There is no reason to yell and scream if you are not even in the game.  I did not even have a headache this week.

My simple take on the Broncos game:  The Broncos knew we were weak in the secondary. They exploited it; our defense got scatter brained and never recovered, and the offense, as usual, took some time to get going. (Admit it; by the time you even got into the game it was over).  We were flat footed and got our butts handed to us and that is that.  I still don’t think Denver is the better team.  Let’s acknowledge the loss and move on.

I would like to make the two (2) following points about Matt Cassel and get your take on it:

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First, Matt Cassel had a great game.  I am not talking about his stats.  When the Chiefs went down early, it was obvious that Matt would be throwing a hell of a lot.  What I am interested in is his decision making.  He attempted a career high pass attempt game with no interceptions.  His decision making skills are good and I can see he is getting better.  So at this point, I would say he is pretty much guaranteed the rest of his contract.  Don’t you agree?  Do you think Matt Cassel is guaranteed the rest of his contract?

Second, what I find troubling about Matt is how many batted passes he has and the reasons for it.  Matt Cassel is 6’4.  He is not a short guy.  So why does he have all these batted passes?  The answer is quite simple. Unfortunately for Matt he has a certain tendency which was very apparent to me in the Bronco game.  During most of his throws, Matt Cassel will pat, or tap the ball with his non throwing hand immediately before throwing it.  It makes it real easy for a defensive player to look for the pass and bat it down.  Have you seen it?  Am I wrong?  Go back and look at the tape.