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Charlie Weis Talks About Matt Cassel


The Kansas City Chiefs are winning more than they are losing these days but there are still plenty of questions about their quarterback play.

Anyone who has watched the Chiefs over the last two years can tell you QB Matt Cassel has improved in many areas. Chiefs offensive coordinator Charlie Weis met with the media the other day and talked about a few areas he has seen Cassel improve it.

“I’ll give you a couple: What’s his touchdown-to-interception ratio,” asked Weis. “Twelve to four, so if you look at that, you’d have to say that anyone who is a three-to-one ratio in touchdowns to interceptions, he’s doing something right. How many times has he been sacked? I’m saying he’s one of the fewest sacked quarterbacks in the league and he’s not turning the ball over. I think that the one other thing that you’ll notice is he’s hurt a lot of teams when they put pressure on us – he’s the number one rated quarterback under blitz situations.”

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While fans may be happy that Cassel is no turning the ball over as much as he did in 2009, there still seems to be a growing concern that he wont ever develop into a franchise type quarterback the likes of Peyton Manning and Tom Brady. Weis pointed out that when the Chiefs have been in a tight spot, Cassel has often come through for them.

“Well, a couple weeks ago we were playing Buffalo and it’s just kind of a stagnant game,” said Weis. “We get the ball back with 1:13 to go in your own end, no timeouts, go right down the field, get into scoring position, kick a field goal. That’s what the good ones do.”

Regardless of what Cassel may or may not become, Weis seems content to play to his team’s strengths and right now their biggest strength is running the football.

“Well, with RB Thomas Jones and RB Jamaal Charles, for us to sit there and throw it 50 times a game, that’d be pretty stupid,” said Weis. “I think the one thing you have to do, every team has their own way of doing things, at our place right here we like to run the football. We like throwing it too but the bottom line is you have to use the people you have and utilize their abilities and every team has their own components of how they want to do it.”