My Chief Concerns: A Melodramatic, Yet Honest, Confession From A Neurotic Fan


I struggled with this post, simply because it makes me look bad, but I decided to post it anyway since it is true and I am sure there are some of you out there that feel the same. 

I’m ashamed to admit it.  I’m an emotional fan and quite frankly losing to the Raiders hurt real bad.  I did not go through my usual Monday morning routine of perusing through every football site, and all things Chiefs related, because, well… I was mad and depressed. I bet you were too.  The Raiders beat us, they deserve some credit, and we have won some crazy ones against them as well.   But the Chiefs beat themselves too.  We definitely did on Sunday, and we squandered a huge chance to take a big lead in the division and that is what makes me so sick.

Admit it, you, as have I, have loved the recent media adoration.  We have loved the recent: “how bout them Chiefs” comments from our friends and co-workers.  It has been many years since our beloved Chiefs have had any respect, and rightfully so.  Despite how crazy it may seem, and it is, and I’m not, I associate myself with the Chiefs (I write for a blog called Arrowheadaddict for God’s sake).  I, (like you), bleed red and gold and have done so even during the Chiefs’ deepest darkest hours.   (See the 2009 movie “Big Fan” for an example of my Chiefs obsession, well not really that extreme). Everyone wants to back a winner, and we have been backing a loser (yes, I said that) for so long that losing to the Raiders on the cusp of taking over, (more like dominating), the division hurt.  

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The Chiefs are my “Magnificent Obsession” and “the homer” in me really wanted them to win that game not only for the big division league, but as a statement to the league that the Chiefs are back, that the Chiefs have talented players, that Haley is a good coach, and that the Pioli way to build a team is the valid way. But it did not happen, at least not against the Raiders.

I wanted to write about all the things that went wrong during the game, assess blame, vent, but ultimately, what good would that do.  Absolutely none.  Every coach and player knew and saw what went wrong.  There is no need for the blame game, as Patrick pointed out in his “Fall Guy” post.  If the Chiefs really want to win the respect of the league, they have to acknowledge the mistakes and move on. 

However, as in life, you don’t roll over and die because you had failed to meet expectations or your feelings got hurt, no matter how neurotic you are.  Winners never do.  It is the test of a champion.  So next week is a big test for this team.  To me, it is even bigger than the Raiders game.   It is time to see what kind of team we really have.

Now, heading into Denver, is the time to see if our team has any heart; real heart. The Broncos want to prove that our fast start has been a fluke, (just like theirs was last year).  You and I know it is not.   Now is the time for our Chiefs to prove to the football world that despite recent years, recent debacles, recent ridicule, that we are fighting and climbing our way, (the Pioli way), into respect, into first place, and into a winning team.  We have to keep our focus and discipline.  We have to keep our confidence.  We have to learn to “put away” teams like we failed to do against the Texans, Bills, and Raiders.  We have not looked good since the 49er game.  I believe that this next game against our division rival the Denver Broncos will define the 2010 Chiefs.  Am being too melodramatic? Probably, but a loss against a struggling Denver team would be devastating, at least to this neurotically obsessed Chiefs fan it would.