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Kansas City Chiefs At the Halfway Point: Who Is Your MVC


The Kansas City Chiefs have reached the midway point of their season and by in large they have exceeded expectations. At 5-4, the Chiefs are in first place in the AFC West and are in the thick of the AFC playoff race.

There have been plenty of contributions from various players and coaches but we are going to try to narrow it down to pick Arrowhead Addict’s MVC (Most Valuable Chief) halfway through the season. I’ve narrowed it down to the players and the coaches who I think have done the most outstanding job. If I am leaving someone out that you think should be on the list, put their name in the comments and vote for other. If someone gets multiple write-in votes, I will add them to the poll.

What do you think Addicts? Who is the MVC at the midway point of the 2010 NFL season?