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Chiefs Blow 4th Quarter Lead, Fall To Raiders 23-20 In OT


The Kansas City Chiefs lost a key divisional match up to the Oakland Raiders, falling 23-20 in over time.

I am going to be candid here Addicts. Normally I do a game wrap up but seeing as how today’s game unfolded I think a recap would be just as painful for you as it will be for me. We know what happened. The Chiefs had the game in the bag and they couldn’t close the deal. It hurts.

I just have one message for you tonight. The Chiefs lost this game all on their own. Don’t get me wrong, it was one of the worst officiated games I have ever had the displeasure to watch but the Chiefs had just as many calls go their way as they did against them. The Chiefs, as a team, could have won this game but they didn’t make the plays they needed to make and the Raiders did.

The Raiders were better than the Chiefs today.

The loss will sting but I encourage you to look ahead to Denver. Stewing over this loss will only prolong your misery. The Chiefs are still in first place and have plenty of work to do. No one ever said going from worst to first in the AFC West was going to be easy. If the Chiefs want to make the playoffs they will have to bounce back from losses like this.

We’ll be back tomorrow with our usual post-game coverage and then we are moving on to Denver.

Have a safe night everyone.