Chiefs Should Bring The Randy Moss Show To Kansas City


It’s been a while since I’ve contributed here, but anyone who read any of my stuff over the three years I was the voice of A.A. knows I have a perpetual hard-on for elite receivers. In today’s pass-happy, running-back-by-committee NFL, having a true No. 1 WR is one of the more important roster pieces you can have. Which brings me to the odd case of the Vikings giving up a third-round pick and a boatload of cash for Randy Moss, and then cutting him less than a month later. Favre shows his wang off the field, shows his ass on it, and says “I” and “me” 8,000 times during a press conference, yet he remains the Vikes unquestioned starter. Meanwhile, Moss candidly reveals how much he loves and misses his old team after a poor performance that wasn’t necessarily his fault, and he is handed a pink slip? Pretty sure No. 4, and not No. 84, is the real problem, Minny. But keep telling yourselves whatever helps you sleep soundly at night.

Now that he is going through the waiver process, the Chiefs should make a claim for Moss. He won’t go back to Oakland. We know the Chargers are too cheap to ante up. Hopefully, he doesn’t reunite with Josh McDaniels and the Donkeys either. Regardless, I don’t think even Moss and Tim Tebow’s power of prayer can save the Broncos at this point. That being said, the Chiefs also don’t want to see Moss end up back in New England or with another AFC contender. The Chiefs are locks for the playoffs, and they don’t want to see a rejuvenated Randy Moss in the postseason. Still, my recommendation for Moss joining the Chiefs is more than just a cockblock suggestion.

Moss and Matt Cassel made sweet music together just a few seasons ago, and Scott Pioli once traded for him. The Chiefs are also desperate for a played who can stretch the field. Moss could do that, even if he was utilized as a decoy more often than a legitimate down-field option. You think opposing teams could stack eight, nine defenders into the box to stop Jamaal Charles and Thomas Jones any longer with the threat of Moss looming? What would Randy’s field-stretching ability do for J.C.’s 7.2 yards per touch? How much could Dwayne Bowe learn from Moss and benefit from playing opposite of him? At this point, I actually think Moss has become a connsumate veteran and would be a positive role model for D-Bowe Dwayne. Additionally, look what Moss has done for shifty slot receivers like Percy Harvin and Wes Welker. How much more room would he give Dexter McCluster to operate out of the slot?

Maybe it’s just me, but I want to see No. 84 in Kansas City. I don’t want to see him in Houston, Miami, Indy (doubtful, but they are depleted) or back in New England. Most of all, I do not want to see Moss revive his career as a member of the hated Broncos outfit. Ugh. Now, Cincinnati? I’ll sign off on that just to see Moss, Ochocinco and T.O. play together. I’d also prefer to see him back in the NFC with a squad like Seattle, St. Louis or Tampa Bay. We play a couple of those likely suitors, but we wouldn’t see them in the playoffs unless we met one of those teams in Dallas, which is unlikely for a number of reasons.

Sound off, Addicts; would you be down with the Chiefs adding a little Moss to the Arrowhead decor?