Verran Tucker Could See Increased Role VS. Bills


The Kansas City Chiefs have had some pretty good luck with injuries this season but there is a very good chance WR Dexter McCluster will be unable to play Sunday.

That means some of the other wide receivers will have to step up. Chances are we will see Chris Chambers return to the lineup alongside Dwayne Bowe and Terrance Copper. My guess is that Chambers may be inserted as the slot receiver because Haley is probably happy with Copper, especially after he climbed the ladder last week and came down with a tough catch for a first down.

Still, there may be times when Haley wants to give one of his receivers a breather and in that situation he may turn to rookie WR Verann Tucker.

Tuckers was undrafted out of California. He was on the team’s practice squad until WR Jeremy Horne injured himself and was cut. Tucker was promoted to the main roster and Horne was added to the practice squad.

There has been some buzz coming out of practice about Tucker. He is 6-1 and 204 pounds so he could create a decent mismatch against a smaller corner.

Have a look at a Verran Tucker highlight after the jump.