Kent Babb Talks To Chris Chambers


The Kansas City Chiefs have suddenly benched WR Chris Chambers and haven’t offered their fans much of an explanation.

Apparently they haven’t offered Chambers one either.

Kansas City Star reported Kent Babb caught up with Chambers yesterday and while he hasn’t released the full details of the conversation yet, as he plans to do that later today, he did release a taste of the conversation on Twitter.

"kentbabb Kent BabbI’ll post a blog 2morrow morning, but here’s a taste: “You kind of don’t know what the coaches are thinking, or what their expectations are”kentbabb Kent BabbChambers said he didn’t expect to be cut or released, but last time he was this out of the loop was when Chargers waived him last November.kentbabb Kent BabbSaid he’s worried about getting behind. Added that left ringer finger isn’t 100% but that he could play. He called it a “severe dislocation”kentbabb Kent BabbAlso said he doesn’t think contract affected his effort: “I’ve had good contracts throughout my career,” he said (cont’d)kentbabb Kent Babb“I just want to end my career on top, w/a team that’s winning, w/a team that has an opportunity to make the playoffs & do something special”"

Babb promises to have more today. We’ll link you to it when the info comes out.