Arrowhead Adventures: A Wild 2010 Season So Far


What’s life like for an Arrowhead Adventurer this year? Crazy about covers it. Its a dream come true. Its stress that the year will end like it did for the Broncos last year. Its sitting on the second row in a revamped stadium you didn’t think you would ever see the Kansas City Chiefs play in.

As my friend Jen and I sat in our seats in “Amen Corner”, Dwayne Bowe came over for his usual clowning. Sitting that close is a luxury that includes the players being able to hear your commentary. My “catch the ball Bowe!” met with a barely perceptible flash of anger from #82  followed by more muscle man poses and prancing around on multi-million dollar legs.

The more victories we pile up, the more I’m enjoying seeing my game partners experience their first Chiefs win. Jen was no exception. We had a great time.

Parking is a dream. There is nothing like seeing a half full parking lot at a game that’s packed with fans. My red parking pass gets me to my seat in about a tenth of the time it did before the renovations.

The museum displays are just awesome. There is nothing more fun that walking to your section amidst displays of original AFL helmets, uniforms, and just about every other sports memorabilia linked with the Kansas City Chiefs you can dream of.

Each home game is an incredible experience, Sunday was no exception. A fan about three seats from mine caught an errant kick, and was forced to give it back by an NFL official. The noise that greeted the interloper was indescribable, the language at times was unrepeatable.

The Brandon Carr BS call was within fifteen feet of where your Arrowhead Adventurer munched  on his foot long Arrowhead hot dog with the contentedness of a Hindu cow.

Our section screamed at referee #67 for a good ten minutes, in the hopes he would get the message and give us a pay back call. We have great responsibilities to the team in section 125. We know that. Did it pay off?  Who knows…..

But the 2010 season has its downsides.

Its not easy using two tickets that if sold to the scalpers you passed by on the way to the stadium would solve this months house payment problems by netting you two or three times the amount you paid for them.

Its great to hear from old friends, but not old friends that demand tickets you never promised them, to games you never said you would take them to.

This morning I was in the mood for a new Chiefs pullover, but not for the $49.00 price tag that even discounted Gordmans couldn’t sell for $9.50 the year before.

Stadium employees that smiled and thanked you for coming to the game last year, shout and wave angrily if you look down to adjust the radio .

All and all I can’t complain. I have season tickets to the most exciting team in the NFL, who play in the loudest, greatest NFL stadium on earth. I’m a staffer on one of the busiest Chiefs website on the web, writing about something I  share a true passion for with a bunch of folks the love the Chiefs as much or more than I do.

Its a magical year for the Chiefs gang. Get to a game if you can, the old Arrowhead is back!  God willing, this Arrowhead Adventurer isn’t going to miss any.