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Chiefs Coach Haley Talks About Pass Interference Calls


The Kansas City Chiefs have suffered a couple of questionable pass interference calls in their last two games.

Actually, if I can be frank, the Chiefs have suffered from three TERRIBLE pass interference calls. Honestly, the league should be sending the Chiefs a fruit basket or something because their terrible officials have really worked over the Chiefs corner backs the last two weeks.

It started with a PI call on Brandon Flowers in Houston that wasn’t PI at all. It continued today with two more mogus PI calls on Brandon Carr and Eric Berry.

Chiefs coach Todd Haley talked a little bit about the officials following today’s game.

“These officials are the best in the world at what they do,” said Haley.  “It’s a very difficult job. It’s very easy to sit on the outside and look at some of this and you don’t have people running at you and players and coaches screaming and fans screaming at you. We just try to go out there and coach it the way we’re supposed to within the rules and take pride in the fact that going back to the early part of last year, we’ve been one of the better teams at being a smart, disciplined team.”

Haley is obviously using coach-speak here. His team won the game despite the bad calls and even if they had lost, calling out the officials will do no good. All that will happen is that Haley will get fined and he will set a bad example to for his players. Haley is a no excuses kind of coach. He doesn’t allow his players to make excuses and he doesn’t make them himself.

While Haley may not criticize the officials after the game, he was certainly giving them an earful down n the field.

Thankfully I can’t be fined by the league for calling out the officials.

The terrible calls in today’s game were yet another example that the pass interference rules need some tweaking. All over the league this year officials have been missing pass interference calls and some of those mistakes have cost teams games.

Some suggest just making any pass interference call a 15-yard penalty but I don’t like that idea. If the league does that, any time a CB gets beat deep he will chose to commit pass interference rather than give up the touchdown. I don’t think that is good for the game.

Personally, I think pass interference should be reviewable. I know some people worry about slowing down the game but since pass interference can make such a huge impact on the game, I think coaches should be able to challenge it.

Any play that can result in a 60-yard penalty should be reviewable. It is is too important.

What do you think Addicts? Do you think the pass interference rules need changed? How would you go about doing it?