Shaun Smith Wins Appeal


A couple of weeks ago, Chiefs DE Shaun Smith was fined 10K for his…er…extra curricular activities on the field during a game against the 49ers.

Smith was accused 2 weeks in a row of grabbing another players genitals. This lead to a rash of great puns and jokes. Smith also was given a couple of great nicknames the best of which were “The Nutcracker” and “The Genital Giant.”

After the 49ers game, a video emerged that appeared to show Shaun Smith fall near Anthony Davis’ “crotchal region.” Davis then suddenly straightened up a little bit, briefly reached toward his “crotchal region” and then sucker-punched Smith as he fell to the ground.  Davis claimed he was retaliating because Smith had tried to grab his family jewels.

Smith was then fined ten thousand dollars by the league for “inappropriately touching” another player.

I mentioned at the time that I thought this was crap because you couldn’t actually see Smith do what he was accused of. The angle of the video simply does not show Smith actually grabbing Davis at all. There was no penalty on the play and while the video appears to confirm Davis’ complaint against Smith, it does not prove it beyond a reasonable doubt.

Smith appealed the fine and he has apparently won.

Via his Twitter:

"autumnsjs90 shaun smithIt’s going to be a good day because I won my appeal so am 10000 richer again"

Looks like Smith got away with one here. He had better be careful though. The next camera angle may not work in his favor.