Requiem For A Magee


As Mr. Beames reported last night, my boy Alex Magee has been traded to the Bucs.  Pioli’s secret police are going to do their best to keep the details from the public as long as possible (strategy!), but my guess is we didn’t get much for him.  I mean, he isn’t exactly lighting the world on fire right now.

I actually did like Magee.  I know it must’ve seemed like a joke at times, but I thought the kid had potential.  Don’t forget, he had twice as many sacks as our entire starting line last season.  In what, one thousandth the snaps?  How is a pass rush starved team not interested in that?  How were no fans interested in that?  I started a Magee fan club, the Mageeks, and the only members were a commenter named Dusty who has since disappeared and a friend (AA commenter Sesame Cake) who I suspect joined out of pity. 

I need to stop getting behind young defensive linemen, because it inevitably means the end for them in a Chiefs uniform.  First Eddie Freeman, then Jimmy Wilkerson, Jared Allen, Turk McBride, and now Magee.  It’s like all my boys went away to college and I stayed behind to work at Red Lobster.  Sure, I might get 20% off select menu items, but at what cost?

It’s not hard to see why Magee was shipped off.  Glenngary Glenn Dorsey has one starting spot locked down, Romeo Crennel loves Perv Smith, and Tin Man is about to come back from his injury.  We already have one pass rush specialist in Wallace Gilberry.  The defensive end spot is crowded right now.  Still, I’m sad to see Magee go.  Best of luck to him in Tampa.  Hopefully he and Wilkerson will make beautiful music together.  I guess I’m a fan of that team now.  Because of their backup linemen.

Is anyone else surprised Pioli was willing to give up on Magee so quickly?  That draft class is looking worse by the day*.  Here’s a question: who would you rather have, Tony Moeaki or the entire 2009 draft class?  If you take away Succop that becomes a really easy answer.

*Yes, I know its too early for a final judgement.  But its never too early to make an educated guess based on the information available.  And really, that draft class obviously sucks.  We’re not going to get arrested for admitting that (are we?).  None of those picks look any better now than they did at the time.  In most cases they look significantly worse.

I’m not going to complain about this trade, but I am bummed.  Magee was the one guy I liked from that class.  People tried to blame him for Jerome Harrison going off on us last year, which is preposterous.  That was a team meltdown, and our run defense sucked all year anyway.  Maybe Magee is bad against the run, but that game can’t be taken as conclusive evidence of such.  My guess is Crennel just wasn’t high on him.  Where’s Clancy Pendergast when you need him, right?

Oh well, Magee is gone.  Time to move on.  Good night, sweet prince.  You will be missed… me and maybe two other people.