Chiefs Power Rankings Report: Fox Sports


The Kansas City Chiefs have been gaining more and more national attention even after losing two straight games. The reason seems to be because their play in these last two games, on the road against tough opponents, has been competitive.

We’ve been tracking the Chiefs performance in the Power Rankings exclusivlely since the begining of the season. I thought we would branch out a little bit today to see how KC is doing in some other ranks.

First up is Fox The Chiefs were ranked 12th in last week’s rankings. Where are they after their second straight loss?

Find out after the jump.

13. Kansas City Chiefs

"It’s a shame that in the one game where QB Matt Cassel plays well, their defense drops off. The lack of a pass rush finally cost them in the end against the Texans. OLB Tamba Hali can’t do it all on his own, so they will have to find another quality pass rusher along the way."

What say you Addicts? Is 13 fair after 2 losses? I think so.