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Chiefs Win In Loss


The Kansas City Chiefs lost a heart breaker to the the Houston Texans on Sunday but the division standings say they won.

The Chiefs blew it. Their offense showed up, put up 31 points and lost because their defense couldn’t hold things together down the stretch. Yes there were some horrible calls by the officials but in the end, the Chiefs needed to get a stop and they couldn’t. This will happen with young teams.

KC’s loss hurts a lot. It hurts because they proved they are a talented team and that they are a few plays here and there from being 5-0.

But my friends, there is a very, very bright silver lining.

My reaction post is late because I was upset and drowning my sorrows at the local watering hole. Yet I have come home and found things exactly how I left them.

My Chiefs, my young Chiefs have proved to me that they can play with any team in the NFL. They may not have learned how to close out the big game yet but I feel confident that they will.

The silver lining is that the rest of the AFC West lost today. The Broncos, Chargers and Raiders all lost. That means the Chiefs are just as far out in front in the AFC West as they were when we all woke up this morning.

The Chiefs are sitting pretty. They are 3-2 and the rest of the division is 2-4. The Chiefs could lose the next two games and they will still be tied for first place come November.

But the Chiefs aren’t going to lose the next two games. Chances are, they will win them.

Todd Haley’s Chiefs are angry and are returning home to take on the Jaguars and the Bills. Anything can happen in the NFL but chances are, the Chiefs are going to win these two games.

It is a hard loss. It hurts. The win was on the table. But the Chiefs are still in the drivers seat in the AFC West. After three years of futility, we should be able to find some comfort in that.

I will have much, much more tomorrow. Until then Addicts, sound off on your thoughts on today’s game.