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Chiefs Scrambling With Houston Game Plan?


The Kansas City Chiefs may have scrapped their game plan for the Houston Texans.

On Friday.

Let me preface this by saying this is complete and total third hand reporting so take it all with a grain of salt.

610 Sports personality Shan Shariff is reporting that the Chiefs have made a major game plan change at the last minute.

From Shariff via Twitter:

"(1/2) Ok, heres what I was told regarding the Chiefs: They started the week with a gameplan to air it out vs Hou. After 2 days of watching..(2/2) Matt Cassel practice, Todd Haley flipped out and they had to change the entire gameplan as late as Friday. #chiefs"

I don’t like this one bit. Shariff is offering no proof to his claim but there likely isn’t any available. Reports like this usually come directly from players or team staff members that the reporter has a relationship with. Obviously the player/staff member doesn’t want their boss to find out they are leaking stuff like this.

Shan Shariff has no real reason to lie about this. He has never done anything to indicate to me that he is a BS artist.

If this is true then it is very worrisome. If the Chiefs can’t implement a passing game plan because their starting QB can’t execute it then they are not going to go very far this season.